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We helped Ghost message reach 75,000 downloads in just four weeks.

Ghost is the chatting app of the future. It lets you use ChatGPT in iMessage group-chats and send anonymous messages in app to friends. We were so glad the founder reached out because we knew this would perform well with GenZ from the start.

We launched their app by running paid ads on TikTok and collecting a list of 50,000 leads ahead of time to build hype. The day of launch, they reached #11 for Social Networking on the App Store and has been ranking on the charts since then. We strategized their short-form content, managed the content, sourced creators to do both organic and paid ads, and growth hacked their app through text. Here's some video examples that performed well. The Ghost Messaging App's hashtags on TikTok have over 24.5 million views.

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